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Plus, only at PACE do you have 24/7 access to the benefits of our exclusive Project Resource Center.

There’s an additional advantage to working with PACE, and it’s a very important one. As a PACE client, you have access to – and the benefit of – our proprietary Project Resource Center (PRC). Designed by Dean Cotlow, this unique, password-protected online project management system radically improves project communication and substantially reduces costly time delays. The PRC provides 24/7 collaboration among the development team along with swift, transparent, document management. With the PRC, communication is non-stop while efficiencies at all levels are dramatically controlled and improved.



Project Resource Center

The unique Project Resource Center (PRC) is an exclusive Cotlow system that allows our clients to access their projects and monitor progress. Using carefully controlled identification procedures, clients can review documents, schedules, images and other information and can also download materials. The PRC is secure, interactive, improves efficiency and enhances communication between Cotlow and you, the client.