Because we’re knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled. Because we’re one of the few companies – and likely the best – that can effectively guide and manage a project from feasibility and planning through long-term maintenance, repairs and tenant improvements. 

Because we’re known and respected for doing things the right way. And because it’s the only way we work. 

An effective Project Manager is kind of like your mother…we set schedules, keep an eye on the finances, make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. We keep everyone moving in the same direction at the proper speed. And when a facility’s done, we transition seamlessly into keeping a close eye on regular maintenance and anticipating needed repairs before they interrupt work and damage productivity. When work needs to be done, we fit all the pieces together within the proper budgets on the proper schedule and make sure that it all goes as smoothly as possible. And if something does go wrong – and on any project something always go wrong at some point – we keep our head (while everyone else might be losing theirs) and make the best plan to rectify the issue and get everyone working profitably again.


Why Pace? Because we believe we are the best at what we do. From start to finish, our team will provide you with consistent, non-biased counsel and expert oversight of all phases of the planning, development, construction, and long-term management process. We’ll work with you to take your project from a plan into reality…and when it’s complete, we’ll manage your project more efficiently than anyone else can because we’ll know your project better than anyone else ever could.

We believe we are exactly what you want and needon your project. 

So sit down with us and ask every tough question you can think of. We’ll tell you exactly how we work and why we believe we’ll do better for you than anyone else. If you like what you hear…if you like the way we do business…hire us. 

And get your project done the right way.